“Cupping therapy” is an ancient technique that has been used in Chinese medicine for several thousand years.

It has been modified for use in western medicine and alternative therapies.

Cupping may be done using flexible silicone cups or plastic cups with pump or glass. Cups are applied to the skin using a negative pressure or suction that lifts the skin/fascia to improve circulation to an area of the body. Cups can be stationary or cups may be moved along the skin with lotion to provide a gliding movement. They may be applied for a few mins at a time or up to 30 mins. Cupping may be used along with massage, acupuncture or other alternative therapies.


Cupping helps reduce adhesions and loosens fascia and tight muscles.

Cupping decreases pain and increases range of motion. It also improves circulation and sedates the nervous system.

“Cupping therapy is often used by a variety of sports professionals and Olympians, (Michael Phelps is often credited within the media for helping introduce cupping therapy, thanks to the visible circles seen during the 2016 Rio Olympics.)”

Most experts agree that cupping is safe.  Cupping does have some side effects including circular discolorations (which fade over a number of days or weeks). Clients may feel a pinch experienced during skin suction. There may be some precautions, please talk to your therapist to see if cupping is recommended for you.