What is COVID19 Pandemic?

The whole world is affected by COVID19.  This COVID19 pandemic has affected the services all over the province, in Canada and globally.  Please go to https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html to learn more current information.

COVID-19 Pandemic – Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists (December 9, 2021)


In the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, RMTs and Osteopathic Manual Therapists must:

  • Comply with requirements in the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart (May 26, 2020 or as current), including the hierarchy of hazard controls;

  • Prioritize clients with essential care needs while gradually resuming practice. Treatment is considered essential when the client’s overall health or function would considerably decline if treatment were not provided (i.e. lead to hospitalization or other serious health consequences);

  • Adhere to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists;

  • Regularly look for updates on the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 webpage and the CMTO webpage, as the pandemic continues to evolve

OWC will continue to implement the following requirements from the Ministry of Health and the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). 

  • Enhanced disinfecting

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Modifications to the practice setting

  • Active COVID-19 Screening

  • Training in Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC), PPE, Hand Hygiene


COVID-19 self-assessment.  Living With and Managing COVID19

  • Did you receive your final (or second) vaccination dose more than 14 days ago? If No, and you travelled outside of Ontario or Canada in the past 14 days, you cannot make an appointment until after 14 days of your arrival)
  • Do you have any of the following symptoms?
    • Fever and/or chills
    • New onset of cough or worsening chronic coug
    • Shortness of breath
    • Decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell
    • If adult >18 years of age: unexplained fatigue/lethargy/malaise/muscle aches (myalgias)
    • If child <18 years of age: nausea/vomiting, diarrhea
  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days or have you been told they should be isolating?
  • Did you travel outside of Ontario or Canada in the past 14 days? (Not applicable if you are fully vaccinated)
  • Did you had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 without wearing appropriate PPE? 

COVID-19 Screening Results

If response to ALL of the screening questions is NO: COVID Screen Negative: You can book and come to your appointment.

If response to ANY of the screening questions is YES: COVID Screen Positive: We cannot book your appointment at this time, or your appointment will be canceled..
If response to ALL of the screening questions is UNKNOWN: COVID Screen Unknown: We cannot book your appointment at this time, or your appointment will be canceled.

If response to ANY of the screening questions is NO and UNKNOWN: COVID Screen Unknown: We cannot book your appointment at this time, or your appointment will be canceled.

Isolation requirements for non-household close contacts (NEW GUIDANCE: MARCH 21, 2022). If you are exposed to a non-household eg work, you can still come to your appointment.

  • No isolation requirements for any groups.
  • For 10 days after exposure, all close contacts should:
    • Self-monitor for symptoms
    • Wear a mask and avoid activities where mask removal would benecessary
    • Not visit anyone who is at higher risk of illness (i.e. seniors) Not applicable to the clinic.
    • Not visit or attend work in highest risk settings (unless they havepreviously tested positive in past 90 days)

Isolation requirements for household close contacts. If you are exposed to a family member, you can still come to your appointment provided you meet the requirements below.

  • The following household members do not need to self-isolate butshould follow above precautions for 10 days:
    • Household members that have previously tested positive forCOVID-19 in the past 90 days 
    • Household members that are 18 + and have received theirbooster dose
    • Household members that are under 18 years old and are fullyvaccinated
    • Household members that do not meet the above criteria must self-isolate as per current requirements.

The clinic is setup to keep you safe, keep your therapists safe and make you feel safe.  

If your COVID19 SCREENING is Postive, we recommend that you go to a COVID-19 assessment centre to get tested because you have some symptoms.  We cannot book your appointment at this time.

Travelers from outside of Canada:

Travellers who are fully vaccinated and meet specific requirements may be exempt from quarantine requirements as per federal guidelines. For more information please visit the Government of Canada's website for travel advice and the Ministry of Health website dedicated to coronavirus.

You can come to your appointment if:

  • You are fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test

You have to cancel and reschedule your appointment if:

  • You are unvaccinated and will need to complete your mandatory 14-day quarantine in a suitable location, such as your home.


  • Our POS terminal is contactless and you will be able to tap your card to pay.  

  • We discourage paying by cash.

  • Paying by etransfer is also acceptable to mariamcgugan.domp@gmail.com.

  • All your receipts will be emailed to you.

  • We will continue to use JaneApp for all of intake, consent and chartings.  Any forms will be filled out on an iPad which is disinfected after every use. All information is still confidential and stored securely. 

  • You will continue to get notifications by email or text messages for upcoming appointments. Please add our email to your email address book so it doesn’t go to spam.


Making your Appointments

  • You can make your appointments online at orangeville-wellness.JaneApp.com You can view what appointments are available online.
    Please call 519-938-5555 or email orangeville.wellness@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

  • Before making the appointment, make sure that you self COVID-19 screened. Please make the appointment at a later time if you do not meet the screening requirements.

  • You will be notified via text or email two hours before your appointment for COVID-19 screening questions.  If you say YES to ANY of the symptoms, kindly call us ASAP and we will cancel your appointment.

  • If your therapist is not feeling well, we will try to reschedule you to another therapist or to another time with your therapist.

  • As part of the guidelines, you are expected to wear either a cloth mask or a disposable mask upon entering the clinic.  If you do not have one, we can provide you with a disposable mask for $1.  You can also purchase cloth mask online.

On the day of your Appointment

  • Please do not come earlier than five minutes before your appointment. 

  • We will call you if there is any delay to your appointment.

  • Please be patient and understanding because we need to make sure all is safe to protect you.

  • You will receive a COVID-19 Mandatory email two hours before your appointment that you will answer online. 

  • Please clean your hands by using the supplied hand sanitizer upon entering. 

  • Your temperature and pulse oximeter will be taken and recorded.

  • We request at this time to complete your payment and re-scheduling to avoid clients waiting at the reception area.

  • You will meet your therapist who will be wearing a mask at all times.

  • You will proceed to the treatment room where all surfaces have been disinfected to ensure your safety.

  • Your therapist will explain to you about the benefits and risk or your treatment and both of you will sign an informed consent before treatment starts.  

  • If your therapist feel that it is not safe to treat you, the treatment will be canceled.

  • If you feel that the risk outweighs the benefits of your massage visit, you can cancel your appointment.

  • If everything is confirmed safe for both you and your therapist, your massage treatment will start.

  • Your therapist will follow the hand protocol to make sure that you are safe.


  • Your therapist will spend reasonable time to clean the room after each treatment which includes treatment table, stool, chair, oil bottle, handles, and floor,

  • We will regularly clean and disinfect the reception area, doors, switches, and bathroom.  

This document can be revised to improve the safety protocol that we are providing to you.  We are following the direction from the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

All the written measures are for your safety, our safety and to make you feel safe and comfortable during your treatment visit. 

Updated: March 21, 2022


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