Healing occurs when the body, mind and spirit are in alignment. For lasting transformation to take place, it is imperative that the spirit and bioenergetic fields are addressed and worked with alongside the physical body. My approach uses a combination of Reiki, Sound therapy and Hypnotherapy techniques to discover the root cause of your symptoms and connect you with your heart center for lasting and positive changes.

Many conditions are rooted in lack of connection to our emotions and thoughts, trauma, poor diet, gut health, environmental toxins, stress and a general disconnection to our hearts, spirit and magic within. Often these subconscious programs run on auto pilot until brought forth into the conscious mind to work on and heal. I use a combination of sound and hypnotherapy techniques that bring the mind and body to a deeply relaxed state known as the “alpha” state. In this state, truly transformational healing can occur.

Once this deeply relaxed state is achieved, Reiki energy healing is used to further identify and remove energetic blockages from the body, allowing for higher vibrational energies to flow through. These techniques release old and stagnant energy that is no longer serving you, helping you to balance and improve your overall quality of life. Benefits include improves sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety, lower levels of depression and anxiety, pain management, emotional wellbeing, improved mood and connectivity with self.

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